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Family Day
by Zer Cabatuan
August 18, 2010

Looking forward for another weekend.
Looking forward in spending quality time with the family.
Being at home, getting lazy in the couch together while watching a movie.
Or, driving to the nearest beach to enjoy the sand and the waves.

Perhaps, I am pushing it too far, but how I wish that everyday is a family day.
And, those moments don’t have to be blissful at all times.
As long as we are together, then that would be more than A-Okay.

Photo taken at Laguna de bay, Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines

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Winding Road
by Louie Marcelo
July 21, 2010

It is indeed a long, and winding road. Well, at least from my view. I can still remember the trainer wheels on my bike. When it seems that I would just be biking freely, but, in fact, my Dad is holding my shirt.

Now, I am by myself. Oh yes! Freedom to make a sharp turn, stir on one hand and pedal like no tomorrow. I can just feel the gush of adventure in the air.

Then, it came into me that there is no turning back, only forward. I am really on my own.

How did these people ahead of me gain that strength? When this journey will end? Where is this road taking me… us?

So many questions are rushing into my head right now. Should I stop and rest for a while? Or, should I just keep on going?

However, someone is pushing my bike. It is a warm presence, that calms my restless heart and mind. And, it told me to be patient, still and… To just follow the lighted path.

Photo taken at Lapu-Lapu, Cebu Province, Philippines

Ilang Pagninilay
July 14, 2010
by Cesar S. Guevarra

Sapagkat paminsa’y higit ang natatanaw sa nakikita,
sinupin na ang pag-iisip at magpasyang umasa sa mabuti at mangarap ng walang balakid.

Hindi rin naman habambuhay dadamhin ang pagod,
pilitin nang ngumiti sa kaalaman na ang pinakamadilim na gabi ay kukubli sa unang huni ng pinakamaliit na ibon.

Mainit, malapot, at buhay ang dugong dumadaloy sa kalamnan,
salubungin ng buong kisig ang pait at sakit gayung dapat magpasalamat at nakararamdan pa rin.

Laliman ang pagtingin: ang sa iyo’y dulo ay panimula ng iba,
usisain na ang katangian ng isang bagay o pangyayari’y hindi naman angkin kaysa sa ito’y paningin.

Photo taken at Lapu-Lapu, Cebu Province, Philippines

by Louie Marcelo
July 7, 2010

It’s easier to go down, than to go up. Thanks to the existence of gravity.

Sometimes, it’s confusing though. Is there only one ladder? Is there only one way?

I just don’t get it. People drag and push others, just to go higher. What for? Is it worth it?

I know that we are missing something. There must be another ladder somewhere. It is just there waiting to be discovered.

I’m desperate for answers. Please reveal your presence before I further lose myself.

Photo taken at Pasig City, Philippines

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by Louie Marcolo
June 30, 2010

At the first sight of breezy morning, I woke up and so did my senses. Slowly and steadily, my physical body prepared itself for the labor ahead. I gazed upon the first wave of the daylight, and relished the first breath of the ocean.

As I walked onto my boat, I can feel warm embrace of the gray sand on my feet – an irony to its coarse and cold look. I rode my dependable boat, and paddled across the pristine water. Pulling once, twice and thrice, still nothing. Fourth, fifth and sixth, still nothing.

The sun is already up and mighty, and makes it presence really felt.

Seventh, Eighth and ninth, still nothing. I guess, it’s really not my day and so I went home.

We win some, and at times lose some. Hope fades when we illusion crawls and corrupts our spirit. But, that is our ultimate battle more than anything else. The most prime catch of our life if we persevere.

Illusions are only made by humans. In weakness I still drew strength because of the promise that awoke me.

Photo taken at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines

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by Laling Chaves
June 23, 2010

The color we see around us depends on how we perceive the light reflected to our eyes. This makes each individual’s perception of color very subjective. In fact, I’m hard pressed in identifying certain shades of blue and green. Fortunately, I can easily tell a tomato’s degree of ripeness. I love eating tomatoes that are just about to turn red!

Aside from using color to decide whether food is appetizing or not, it is also associated with moods. Some people turn pink with embarrassment while angry people turn red faced. I have seen my sibling turn white with fear and another a little green when feeling sick. Gray was the color of my best friend when she told me about her breakup. While I am bright yellow on weekends spent with friends having fun. As we all go through life, our experiences makes us experience the full spectrum – from burning red to serene blue.

The current stage of my life is mostly bluish green because of my hectic schedules. I am learning to balance and prioritize my responsibilities to remain a calm blue. But when my migraine hits while working late in the evening, I turn a bit green. Or it could be the other way around, calm green and a bit blue… I’m not really sure because after working late, green and blue looks same to me.

By the end of the day, I am so tired and I want nothing more than a good night sleep. A sleep devoid of colors.

Photo taken at Makati City, Philippines

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by Louie Marcelo
June 16, 2010

The summer spell is finally over, for I can already smell the June drizzle. Oh boy! Goodbye computer games, and hello homework!

I always have mixed emotions about first day of classes, or school as it is. I am excited to meet my old and new classmates. On the other hand, I am anxious to meet our teachers.

As our homeroom adviser checks our attendance, I noticed something. It seems that Pedro is absent. Well, he might just be sick due to first day jitter.

The days went by, and every “Present!” of my classmate I heard except for Pedro. Apparently, he won’t be coming anymore.

One rainy day, on my way home, I saw Pedro. He was there in the pavements, peddling banana fritters made by her mom. At that instant, I felt the hard slap of reality. While there are those that have been blessed, there are more than haven’t been fortunate.

It is another day at school. My name is called for attendance, and with vigor I shouted, “Present!”.

Photo taken at Sitio T’nuos, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines

Right Wing
by Louie Marcelo
June 9, 2010

You always have the freedom to choose.

There are only two sides of the coin – Heads or Tails.

Justice has two faces – Conditional Willingness or Unconditional Commitment.

We only hear two little whispers – Angel of Light or Angel of Darkness.

It is either a Yes or No, never maybe. It is either Black or White, never gray. It is either faith or hesitation.

At the end of the day, it is on by your own free will whether to go Left or Right.

Photo taken somewhere over the Davao region, Philippines while the plane is on its final decent to Davao International Airport.

Finish Line
by Louie Marcelo
June 2, 2010

When do we know that we are just a meter away from that finish line? What do we see at the end of the line? How do we feel when we finally finish the race?

Perhaps, in marathon or any other competition, being first at ending something is excellent. Actually, it’s more than excellent, it’s powerful. You stood out, and went beyond the pack. You are the first and all mighty. You get the medal and trophy.

However, that is all fame. Someone younger and stronger can beat your record. When that happens, the rest will just be history.

In life, when we reach the end of the tunnel, the light beholds a new chapter. A new promise and challenge for us. It is indeed a circle of life.

In love, when we decided to stop running, we know that someone is at the finish line. Patiently waiting to embrace, and start a new life with us. Thus, a new marathon is created, which entails two mutual souls to finish the race.

Photo taken at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines

by Louie Marcelo
May 26, 2010

This is for the lingering sting and deep scar that you have left last summer. BURN!

This is for the secret that I will forever hide in my closet. BURN!

This is for the present that keeps me moving forward to the future. BURN!

This is for passion that keeps my heart pumping and makes me alive. BURN!

Photo taken at Cebu City, Philippines